Aeolus Power (Wind Energy) Ltd are specialist suppliers and installers of wind turbines. We developed their current website. In addition they asked us to create a wind turbine monitoring system that linked to their site. The system we created feeds live data (including wind speed and electricity produced) from individual turbines, back to the website where customers log in and can view the information on their own turbine. This unique system has enhanced Aeolus's relationship with their customers. It has led to a closer after sales relationship, helped with the maintenance of the turbines and ultimately led to increased sales of turbines. Aeolus's customers admire they have used technology in such an innovative way and given them something extra. Take a look at their website.

Aeolus Power have now moved into another area of the renewable energy sector - biomass. We are currently developing their new website, at Aeolus Power Biomass.

Aeolus Power